Disk Cleanup

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If you own a Microsoft PC and the hard drive is being a little slow there are a few fixes that can free up space that in the end help your computer run more efficiently and faster. One way is to perform a Disk Cleanup. Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Click on the bottom left Start button

Click on All Programs

Go to Accessories

Click on System Tools

Go to Disk Cleanup (if you have Windows 10 you can just type in “Disk Cleanup” in the bottom left search menu by the start button)

Choose which drive to clean up

When you click “ok” the system will look up space to free

You will get a window that displays files to delete. Be aware of the biggest folders or files as deleting them will free up the biggest space

If you still use Windows 7: When you have made your choice click on “Clean up system files”

When you have clicked on “Clean up system files” the system will perform a check.

After that has been done by the system click “ok”

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